Choosing a Deck for Your Backyard

If you are planning to install a deck in your backyard, there are a few factors to consider before you get started. The size and layout of your deck are critical, as is the location. Consider the type of furniture you want to add and whether you plan on entertaining. You may also wish to have a dining area on the deck. Also, the height of your deck should be less than two inches above the threshold of the front door.

There are many different types of decks. Choose one that blends in with the design of your home. You should also choose one that is functional for the use you intend to have it for. For example, if you’ll be using your deck as an outdoor living space, you should choose materials that will last for many years.

Another factor to consider is the cost of your deck. Although most deck installation projects are done during warmer months, you can save money by scheduling your deck installation during a slow time of the year. During off-season, contractors have fewer jobs and can charge lower labor rates. They can also schedule your job faster, which can help you save money.

Finally, be sure to the best handyman in St. Petersburg, FL that offers a warranty. Most company provide a year’s warranty on their work and materials. It’s also a good idea to check references before hiring a contractor. The best way to determine if the company is legitimate is to check whether they are insured and have the right experience building decks.

Another aspect of deck installation is the fastening system. You can use either face-screwing or other fastening systems to fasten the boards. If you’re using face-screwing, choose deck screws with reverse threads and a special head to avoid mushrooming. Some systems even allow you to countersink screws or fill them with plugs. The latter is more time-consuming but ensures that the fasteners are hidden from view.

The type of material to use for your deck can also affect the cost. Wood decks can be expensive depending on the quality of the wood and the time of year. PVC or concrete decks can be more affordable but will require annual maintenance. You may choose pressure-treated wood for a low-cost option but it will require annual refinishing to ensure that it remains as beautiful as the day it was built.

Choosing a material for your deck can be a difficult process. Many municipalities require a building permit, and this can add up to two or three thousand dollars to the overall cost. Choosing the right material for your deck installation will depend on your budget and the size of your property. The smaller your home, the more affordable the permit will be.

Another factor affecting the success of your deck installation is the proper ventilation. Proper ventilation helps wood decking acclimate to changes in EMC. Without proper ventilation, wood deck boards are prone to drying out and rot.

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